Rafiqul Bari

About Me

I consider myself to be a dedicated, inspiring and enthusiastic Mathematics Teacher. My interest in Mathematics has seen me effectively teach in a number of successful secondary schools throughout London. I have been rated as consistently Outstanding in all of my teaching practice, garnering my PCGE from London Metropolitan University.

Teaching Experience:

I have immense experience in teaching a range of ages over 10 years. My specialty is Mathematics due to my BA (Honors) Degree in Mathematics. I have taught Maths ranging from Primary, Secondary up to A-Level. Through this wide range, I have learnt key techniques to raise attainment and success for my pupils. Through my immense experience of teaching within the UK Curriculum, having taught A-level as well as Secondary Mathematics, I have excellent knowledge regarding the National Curriculum for Primary, Secondary, and Further Education. Through the opportunity of creating innovative and creative designs for the implementation of work schemes, I am highly aware of the learning targets students need to achieve in order to succeed academically. I utilise creative, imaginative, and positive reinforcement strategies to help students access and apply maths’ skills using their own learning style (kinaesthetic, audio, visual, etc.) In addition to that, I have taught special needs pupils with specific learning disabilities, behavioural difficulties, EAL, speech or language impairments, emotional disturbance, multiple disabilities, visual impairments and autism. Therefore, I am able to provide an accessible learning platform for all students. I am also able to apply my awareness of different approaches to teaching and learning, undoubtedly enhancing pupils’ progress.