Masud Rana

About Me

I am a current PhD student and Graduate with an MBA, MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences, obtained from the University of Greenwich as well as BSc in Chemistry. I also have extensive practical work experience across a number of Secondary Schools. Furthermore, I obtain a track record of success in meeting school objectives whilst performing multiple tasks concurrently; capable of working alongside many students with differing abilities.

Teaching Experience

I encompass many years of teaching and tutoring experience. Employed as a Science teacher in a secondary school, has successfully added to my proficiency and allowed me to improve my teaching practices and make them even more effective. As well as that, I have been tutoring students from years 7 to A-level. Through this role, I am able to effectively plan highly targeted lessons for my students, where support is provided for learners who need to overcome barriers, focusing on an individual-centred approach. I also incorporate progress tracker and learning criteria’s in order to equip my students with attainable, concrete academic targets.