The main aim of our recruitment process is getting tutors with the relevant qualifications to teach the subjects we offer. We offer equal opportunities for all the tutors as long as they possess the relevant qualifications-GTP, PGCE, and previous teaching experience.

The tutor needs to apply by filling in the online application form and attach all the qualifications documentations with a list of at least two referees. We verify all the documentations provided by the tutor and all the shortlisted tutors are requested to attend an online interview. All those who qualify are given the necessary training before they start working with us.

All the tutors who work with us are self employed. It is the responsibility of the tutor to register themselves with the Inland Revenue and maintain proper records for correct tax returns.

Tutors collect fees from the students /parent and pay us commission for the following services:

  • One to One home tuition
  • One to One online tuition

We collect fees for all courses we run and pay tutors the agreed payment at the end of each month.

Our online tuition program renders using of the latest technology to make the learning process more interactive, enjoyable and lively. Our latest online technology has been tested several times successfully and proved to be effective for students at all the learning levels. In addition, all the online lessons are recorded and the students and the parents can have access to them when they need. Each of the students and tutors get personal log in access to the online class. They can upload and share files, talk, chat, see each other and many more features to aid learning.

The time taken for the registration process depends on the speed of the tutor in filling the application form. The tutor is required to provide personal details, details of at least two referees and copies of their documentation.

The tutors can work for as many hours according to the requirements of the students. The tutors can choose the most convenient to teach between 4pm to 10pm on weekdays and 9am to 9pm on weekends. Our program is very flexible and allows the tutor to work with as many students as they may wish.

The registration as a tutor is free of charge for all.

The tutoring method offered usually depends on the requirements of the specific students. There are those who would prefer the face to face tutoring where the tutor may go to the convenience place of the student. This may be at home, in the library or even at school. There are also students who prefer the online platform where they can use messaging, voice, video or even the combination of all. The tutor can choose the tutoring method that they mostly feel comfortable with.

The services offered by our company are all personalized. One student is usually attended in each of the face to face tuition, two students for the online tuition and to the seven for each of the online course.

Yes. Due to the high demand for our services, we are looking for more tutors to fill in the tutoring for English, mathematics and science.

Every tutor is different. There are some tutors who prefer offering their services for months then quit in the tutoring services. There are also others who prefer to activating and deactivating their account more often according to their schedule. The company may deactivate the accounts of tutors with high rates of denials, poaching students and students’ complaintWhat if working for another company or have my own students?

It is possible to work with another company or private students while still working with our company. The tutor should ensure that their interests do not conflict with that of our company.

Our company often invites all the students to make brief comments about all the tutors for their respective subjects. Tuition usually works best on referrals; the more positive feedback the tutor receives, the more clients they are likely to attract. The tutor has the liberty to reply to all the feedback made about them.